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My Story

I began my journey over 15 years ago when I first listened to an interview with Alison Armstrong about the relationships between men and women.   I was shocked by how little I really knew about the sexes and the differences between them.   I wanted to know more - a lot more.   I dove deep into Alison's teachings - and built an incredible relationship with her.   In fact, Alison hired me as a certified workshop leader for her Understanding Men and Understanding Women programs helping people around the world.    

I've further expanded my relationship insights with additional training from John Gottman.    I received my professional coaching certification and today am proud to have helpled thousands of men and woman in their journeys towards love, peace, and partnership.

I am happily married - in partnership with my husband - for over 20 years.   We enjoy keeping fit (at least trying to!), skiing, golfing, hiking, and traveling the world.   We split time between Dallas, Steamboat Springs, and Cabo San Lucas.

My Mission is to strengthen my client's relationships through insights and understanding.  I base my work on scientific study and research into the dynamics and differences between men and women.   It is with an open mind, humility, and vulnerability that we can achieve great things together.


"The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love."

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